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  • Wade Snyder

The Utica National Cyber Risk Assessment – What You Need to Know

Taking the Utica National Cyber Risk Assessment Test

Recently, Utica National sent a Cyber Risk Assessment to security managers of agencies who represent them. Cybersecurity risks have been all over the news lately as cyber attacks cause millions of people to have their data exposed and sometimes stolen. Risk management processes are the key to ensuring that data breaches are stopped before they even happen. Identifying potential cyber risks takes more than just a quick scan of internal and external systems. A stringent risk assessment process must be put in place to help the decision makers in your information security department create proper risk-response measures.

If you have received the Utica National Cyber Risk Assessment it is extremely important that you take it seriously. Don’t delete it; it’s something that you WILL have to deal with. When you get the survey you should not only fill it out, but also make sure to fill it out honestly.

Utica National Insurance Group Questionnaire

Ultimately, the checklist benefits you, the broker, because it helps to ensure that your cyber resiliency and security controls are as up-to-date as possible. However, if that is not enough of a motivation, you can also be fined for answering incorrectly.

It is entirely possible that you may need help filling out the survey; if that’s the case your next step should be calling Global Computer Systems. Global specializes in security controls for internal and external systems applications. In plain English: they can make sure that your data security systems are ready for whatever cyber attacks may come your way. Are you unsure about your security systems and whether or not they’re up to date? Global can help solve any security breach or vulnerability issues you may have. That way you’ll know that when you fill out the Utica National Cyber Risk Assessment you can give the right answers.

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