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Vendor Relationships and the Importance

Vendors are allies in the MSP world and they play a crucial role in the success or failure of an organization like ours. Whether we need equipment, pre-sales work, trainings, NFR software/hardware, demos, system patches or just latest information but the main things they need to bring to the table with no exceptions is they need to have an excellent support team and structured escalation/severity system. Vendors mean so much to me and it is something I am proud of the team we are working with. I do not take vendor relationships lightly.

I could go through many different IT companies and Technology vendors that I brought on and left within a year or less. I left some that we worked with for years because they just got real bad over time. If they aren’t providing the level of service and support that I expect to receive for us for our clients when we both need them most, it’s not gonna last. Their are some “beast” companies that we have no choice but to remain partners with (no names mentioned) because they are just who they are and the world uses them. Those partners to me are just for business reasons only and I’ll let you know that. Cost savings, Vendor support, Quicker deliveries, Opportunities for customizations, Workarounds, Custom codes, sharing information on both sides are all reasons to have a great vendor relationship. Get to know your vendors Channel manager or Sales rep.

Vendors need MSP’s just as much as MSP’s need vendors.

We work together on constructing and forging forward the world of technology. Global Computer Systems remains proud to keep great relationships with all our vendors and would only service your business with our choice vendors.

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