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Thomas Halpin

Managing Director

Over 20 years’ experience in the technology industry from the Tech to the Director.

I feel I have remained in the tech industry for so long because I enjoy it, I enjoy learning everyday.
At Global, we make sure to always do the right thing. There is nothing worse than doing bad business. I ensure that we deliver a service that sets a high standard.

My passions are my family and my home, they are what keeps me driven. I fancy a quote from American writer Dale Carnegie "People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing."


Therese DiPietro

Office Manager / Inside Sales /  Human Resources / Procurement

Therese is a 16 plus years veteran of Global Computer Systems.

My comprehensive experience makes her an asset in every facet of Global Computer Systems business.


I am devoted to find best pricing and solutions for customers, and is detailed in keeping customer records of purchases, software and hardware renewals. My ability to be a liaison between customers, technical staff and vendors assists in Global Computer System’s seamless service.   


Kyle jennings

I.T. Service Manager

My name is Kyle Jennings and I am the IT Service Manager here at Global Computer Systems.  I managed the Service and Project Team; Where we strive to surpass our clients needs and implement the latest technology to support and help them grow their business.


My interest in IT began when Internet and Technology took off as I grew up in the Late 90’s.  I can still hear the wonderful, melodic tune of the 56K modem dialing up to connect me to this new, vast world.


After High School, I enlisted in the military and served 4 years in the United States Navy as a Tech/Operations Specialist.  This was an amazing experience for me as I was able to travel the world, meet tons of people and work in high-pressure, critical environments.  This experience taught me a lot about Technology, people, the world and helped shape my core values of hard work and integrity.


After the Navy, I attended Stony Brook University and graduated with a Bachelors Degree. I quickly then began my professional civilian career as a Junior Technician, working my way to my current IT Management position here at Global.


Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my wife Brooke, our daughter Kelsie-Renn and our French Bulldog Remy.


Anthony demarco

Technical Support Supervisor

I grew up in a family where education and work ethic went hand and hand. My parents always stressed to me that anything worth doing, is worth doing right. Whether it was studying for an exam or sweeping the never-ending dusty floors in my father’s Auto Body Shop. It taught me early on that things do not just come to you, you have to earn them. Its these values that helped shape me into the person I am today. It has been increasingly helpful in today's tech driven world. Technology changes every day and I work hard to stay on top of all the growing changes.


I strongly believe that to survive in this business you can never stop learning. Technology changes every day and if you don’t continue to evolve with it, you will be left behind. I started at Global as a Junior Network Engineer, and after a year of hard work and staying driven, I was promoted to Technical Support Supervisor. Working at Global has been an eye opening experience for me. Being that Global is an MSP, no two days are the same, which is something I love. Everyday we have the opportunity to explore new products and grow as individuals in this tech driven world and it has become something that I am truly grateful for.


Paul North

Sales Manager

I’m a very passionate and dedicated sales manager who builds relationships by first understanding a customer’s needs, and then delivering products and services that are a right fit and purpose built for that customer. 


Having over 25 years’ experience in the IT field has given me the tools and knowledge that have helped me connect with customers to not only understand their goals and requirements, but also pay attention to details.

You are only as good as your team and having a truly talented and dedicated sales and engineering team at Global Computer Systems has helped meet and exceed customers’ expectations and crated partnerships that have lasted and grown for years. 


Matthew Zegilla

Senior Systems Engineer

I am going on eight years of experience working in IT and hold a A.A.S in Network Design and Administration from Suny Suffolk. I worked from an Intern Helpdesk position at a different company to my current senior position here at Global, my wide range of expertise from experiencing all levels of support help me diagnose issues quickly and accurately. Working directly with the leadership team of Global has also helped me to understand the business side of our clients to help identify solutions that work both technically and practically with our clients budget, schedule, and business needs. Due to this experience I have been able to help many of our clients with projects involving thousands of devices and hundreds of users get completed in a timely, cost effective, and technically sound manner.


I have experience with a wide range of technologies including cloud offerings such as Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online, Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Azure Compute and Blob Storage, as well as on-premise tech such as VMWare 6.7, IBM Storwize SAN, HP Proliant server hardware, Windows Server 2019, Microsoft Exchange 2019, Veeam Backup and Replication, HP and Cisco networking, Fortinet and Cisco security appliances, as well as many other hardware and software vendors.

Outside of work I am an avid PC gamer and enjoy spending my time with my girlfriend and our dog.


Dylan Cruz

Network Engineer

My name is Dylan Cruz, and I am the Senior Director of Packets at Global Computer Systems. I mostly work on the networking side of things, designing client networks and configuring switches, routers, and firewalls. I am experienced with Cisco, HP, Mikrotik, and Fortinet products. I hold a Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching certification, and an A.A.S. in Network Design & Administration from Suffolk County Community College.


Outside of the office, I like to travel and go to music festivals. My favorite artist is Bassnectar.


James Miller

Systems & Virtual Engineer

I manage and monitor the infrastructure of multiple clients. I also configure, test and maintain a wide variety of technical components at our clients locations. I can be described as an ambitious responsible person looking to gain as much knowledge in the field as possible. I have studied a variety of different technologies with the mindset that an all around skillset will prove to be useful in any given situation.


I am proud of a couple of goals I have achieved whilst in this profession. I have implemented a vmware view environment into a clients infrastructure while learning about the product. I have also helped restore a company after a serious ransomware attack while still keeping them productive. I am most proud of my ability to learn new products and implement them.


With a double VCP certification I am proficient with VMware products. I however also have knowledge in vast areas. Some but not including all are Active Directory and Windows server infrastructures, veeam backup, IBM Storwize, HP Proliant and Lenovo System X servers etc. As a previous depot technician for Estee Lauder I also have a lot of hands on hardware experience.


I am a single father with a nine year old daughter. I am a provider and take my career seriously. I feel as though my personal life will be directly effected by my career. So I study often. When I am not studying, I spend quality time with my daughter. I love watching anime and going on adventures with my daughter. 


Becky olivas

Dedicated Support Engineer

Becky Olivas, raised in Southern California back when instead of hard drives we used Floppy Disks.  Coming on to Long Island, I worked as a Communications/IT Director for 7 years for a Non for Profit. Now working at an MSP the last couple of year is fun in a fast paced environment where you are constantly using your skills to help multiple clients overcome technical challenges.


Nick cerafice

Help Desk Support Specialist

My name is Nick Cerafice, and I’m a Support Engineer for Global Computer Systems. I started here almost 2 years ago, and I can’t believe how fast the time has gone by! I’ve learned a lot of new things – and although I still have a lot to learn - I was very much so a rookie when I was first on-boarded.


I have my Bachelors in CIT, and come from a childhood filled with technology. Whether it was game consoles, desktop computers or cell phones, I was exposed to technology at a very early age. This background helped fuel my interest in technology, and some of the knowledge I’ve gained working on computers in my personal time is still useful to me on a daily basis at work.


Most desktops/laptops I’ve owned are Asus & Acer Brand. They’ve been very reliable to me, and run just about as well as they did when I first got them. I recommend them to most people who ask me personally what I like. I’ve also always leaned towards Samsung phones more-so than Apple, but I’ve owned a few Apple devices as well.


Outside of work, I work with Excel & Google Sheets quite a bit, as I’m constantly noting stuff I need to remember for my hobbies. I like to speedrun video games, which means to complete them as fast as possible while still meeting the requirements as to what clarifies as “completed” to the community. There are different categories for each game, such as 100% completion, and just finishing the game as fast as possible – “Any%”.


Speed-running often requires quick, on-the-spot thinking and decisiveness to be successful. We’re always updating our sheet of notes on what we need to do, re-routing the best way to finish the game the fastest, and brainstorming with each other on what we can add/subtract from the route. I believe these regularly used skills assist me greatly on the job, and I couldn’t be happier about this hobby I’ve picked up.


Paige Thomas

Help Desk Support Specialist

My name is Paige Thomas. Right now, I am a help desk and onsite technician. In this position I assist clients over the phone and complete installs of new equipment. My love for technology began when I built my first computer at 19; I enjoyed putting each piece together and wanted to learn more, sparking my pursuit for a degree in Cybersecurity. I recently graduated with an associate’s degree in Cybersecurity at top of my class. This degree allows me to educate clients on best practices of security, such as more complex passwords, ensuring computers are locked when not in use, and so on.


I will be working on my Bachelor’s in Cyber Crime and Fraud Investigation or Computer Forensics. I am a Cisco Certified Entry Level Technician (CCENT) and have plans to escalate that certification to CCNA. I have taken courses equivalent to CCNA knowledge as well as courses in Penetration Testing, Enterprise Infrastructure, Cyber Ethics, and Windows and Linux Operating Systems. I enjoy working in Linux the most and hope to gain more knowledge and experience with it.


When I first began to work in tech, I was nervous being a female in a male dominated field, but I loved it from my first day; I was accepted and respected by my coworkers. Outside of work I am a kickboxer, cosplayer, gamer, guinea pig mom, tattoo connoisseur, anime fan, and overall nerd!


Nikhil Sardesai

Help Desk Support Specialist

In this position I am required to be the first phase of contact with our clients when they call in for support. Listening to the user and understanding the issue is crucial to developing a solution, and creating a relationship with clients.  My main goal as an IT support engineer is to solve any tech issues that arise as thoroughly as possible while maintaining a positive attitude and assuring the user that the problem is understood and being taken care of.


During my time as a support engineer, I have learned useful skills that help me perform more efficiently and has greatly increased my overall knowledge of how a company operates in a tech sense. In addition to support, this position has allowed me to expand and get familiar with software like VMware, TrendMicro security, Veeam, Active directory, Group Policy; and these are just a few examples. I feel that working for an MSP has given me a wide range of knowledge that will be helpful in shaping my career.


Being somewhat new to this field an accomplishment for me was working at a Hospital. It was a great experience to learn how a larger organization handles IT support. While I was there I worked with both hardware and software in medical offices mostly doing on-site work.


At home I have both Mac and Windows but prefer Windows for more functionality. I have a surface pro 4 laptop that I use for artwork and recently built my own PC for work/gaming.  I have an iPhone and apple watch that I love but I learned if you work in the tech field and have an IPhone you will get roasted by your peers. 


Outside of work I enjoy spending time with friends, gaming, sports, making music/art anything creative. I can spend hours at a time making a beat or a drawing and would like to possibly get a side job as a freelance graphic designer or music producer.


Andrea Simpson

Intern - Summer 2020

My name is Andrea Simpson and I am a senior at Penn State University. I am majoring in Information Sciences and Technology with a focus in Integration and Application. I will also receive a Smeal College of Business Fundamentals Certificate. Technology is constantly evolving and is embedded in our day-to-day activities, which is part of the reason why I became interested in this field.


I had a great time working for Global Computer Systems this summer. This internship introduced me to what I am likely to face in a career within the tech field. It was a valuable learning experience from both an academic and personal perspective. It's unfortunate it had to be remote due to COVID-19, however everyone on the team made the experience worthwhile. They were very open to any suggestions or ideas I had, which made me feel more comfortable.


My responsibilities for this internship included re-designing the company's website and re-vamping the RMM system. Although I had no previous experience working with RMM, I was able to learn and adapt quickly with help from the team. While working on the website, I was also able to develop new skills such as Corvid APIs, Javascript and CSS, while further developing my HTML skills. This experience allowed me to tap into my creative side and challenge my technical skills. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to intern at Global Computer Systems; it has equipped me with knowledge and skills I can use throughout my career.


For fun, I love creating music compilations, snowboarding and dancing. I've been a dancer for 16 years and now perform with a hip-hop dance organization at Penn State.

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