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Cloud services

Ready to move up to the Cloud?

What is the Cloud?

Don’t let the puffy, white thing scare you!

Cloud computing simply means storing and accessing your data and programs over the internet instead of using your companies physical & on-premise resources. “The Cloud” is just a fancy way of saying “Over the Internet”.

Cloud Consulting

cloud consulting

You hear everyone talking about the cloud: “we are moving to the cloud”. You aren’t sure what they mean and honestly, they might not either.

Cloud consulting isn’t just saying what options you have instead we do a full assessment of your infrastructure to see what you could actually do and let you know the best route to take. You don’t have to choose us to host your cloud or use our professional cloud migration specialists to bring you to Azure. Instead, we perform consulting in a nonpartisan manner that’s designed for you.

All expectations of cloud consulting are told upfront to you. 

Global Computer Systems Hosted Inrastructure

global computer systems hosted infrastructure (Iaas)

Infrastructure as a service gives your business access to a full web infrastructure architecture, such as servers, storage space and network connections all without your business needing to purchase and manage this infrastructure at your site.


Global’s IaaS is located in a tier 3 data-center in NYC which gives you access to dedicated or shared enterprise equipment for your business. Having a secure web-based infrastructure can be beneficial for your business as a way to develop and grow on demand. No more having to worry about if the on-premise infrastructure can handle the new software you want to implement or if there are vulnerabilities your I.T. person forgot to patch because he wasn’t even aware of it.

Microsoft Azure

microsoft azure

Azure is an ever-expanding set of cloud services to help your organization meet your business challenges.

The freedom to build, manage and deploy applications on a massive, global network using tools and frameworks. Global Computer Systems offers Microsoft Azure solutions as we are a partner that can help deploy and manage your existing solutions as well as offer ready-made or custom solutions to build your cloud. Let us come in and advise you about the Microsoft Azure platform, you will learn about the security and privacy they can offer with the highest level of trust, transparency, standards conformance and regulatory compliance with the most comprehensive offerings of any cloud service provider.

Cloud Migrations

cloud migrations

Moving to the cloud can be a challenging task that can go wrong pretty easily with so much to think and pre-plan about. Global Computer systems experience can be a huge help for you to complete this task. We can pilot you on the migration to the cloud after we perform a full assessment of the cloud of your choice. You don’t need to come to our secure cloud or go to Microsoft Azure through us, you can just use Global Computer Systems to consult you on your migration needs and put you in a position to make the smartest decision. We offer a free consultation on moving to the secure Global Cloud.   

Physical to cloud – Your environment is primarily physical with a few server boxes in your server room.
 This method takes the longest to convert to the cloud just because of all the pre-planning and the decisions that need to be made. Work with us to know exactly the details you need to get yourself cloud-ready. 

Virtual to cloud – Your environment is running some hypervisor like vmware or hyper-v and most applications you are running are already cloud-based so making the decision to go to the cloud is a little less difficult and the work that needs to be done is a little less than going from a physical setup. The assessment will show you your path in a little easier light.

Cloud based software and services – Your environment is running on Amazon AWS or some other cloud provider and you want to switch because you really don’t like their services or whatever reason you may have. Maybe you just want your cloud-based software to run more optimal in the cloud environment because it is slow or you need to upgrade your cloud running servers or applications to new versions.

Once you are in the cloud, you may need more security or services to make the experience improved and secure. This would be cloud to cloud services that Global computer Systems can provide after a consultation of your existing cloud infrastructure.

Microsoft Office 365

microsoft office 365

Office365  is a cloud-based suite of productivity apps like Outlook, Word, Powerpoint and more.

- microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a bundle of services including Office365, plus several other services like Mobility + Security and includes a license of Windows 10 Enterprise

When considering everything including the cost of a new exchange server, cost to run it, cost of licensing and
CALs, SSL certs, cost of the installing, configuring and possible downtime for hardware failures, it just makes sense to consider Microsoft 365 as a Software as a service answer to all that. Prices can range so its good to work with a certified Microsoft partner to provide you the best answers. 

- microsoft azure site recovery (draas)

Azure Site Recovery

Have the control to keep your business continuing to do business – even during major outages.

Azure Site Recovery is native disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) and with it, you can deploy replication, failover and recovery processes to help keep your applications running during planned and unplanned outages. Let us design and rollout your Azure Site recovery, even if you aren’t an Azure cloud client, yet.

Cloud Security

cloud security

Secure cloud service configurations, authentication and identity management, securing services, securely using application programming interfaces and having managed cloud services is essential to have extensive security in place with your cloud environment. Let Global Computer Systems perform a cloud consultation that we can recommend all the security services you should have in place.

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