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Managed services

Our I.T. services include a process that is instructed by a means of guidelines, prepared and designed in systems, as well as performed along with verified practices. Excellent client services are crucial in a business, and we ensure our services are always well-prepared and straight forward by setting expectations upfront.

Below is a list of services and plans provided by our first-rate technology business that will help guide your company in the proper direction: 

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Advanced IT Support

Level II and beyond!  High-level Support.

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managed anti-virus

Keeping your environment safe and clean.

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patching & upgrades

You name it, we update and upgrade it.

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network & infrastructure 


Detailed report and analysis of your company’s environment.

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Managed backup

Onsite & Offsite Backups to protect your data.

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dark web monitoring & alerts

Advanced tools to further help protect your data and information.

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Optimizing your infrastructure.

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IT recommendations & consulting

Offering the right IT solutions to help your business excel.

disaster recovery

Replication and Backups to meet your RPO & RTO.

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remote monitoring

Monitoring that is proactive. Resolutions before there are issues. 

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field engineers

Integrating our techs at your business.

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it vendor management

We work directly with your vendors to integrate what they offer seamlessly into your environment.

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