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Frequently asked questions

It support and managed services questions you want to know for your business decisions.
   Global computer systems can take care of your remote staff and host your infrastructure
  • What’s included in a managed services agreement?
    We include anything and everything; it's all customizable. Most agreements include: - 24x7 Helpdesk - Backup Management - Patch/Asset Management - AntiVirus Management.
  • Are there any co-management options?
    Yes, we work hand-in-hand with directors and managers within their IT department.
  • What does your discovery process like?
    Our discovery process will include an onsite visit. During our onsite visit, we will take inventory of the devices and software you currently have in place, the number of supported users, as well as current softwares in place. From there, we can help educate you on what improvements and upgrades should be made.
  • What are your data ownership terms?
    We can offer you a data ownership policy based on security breaches that could happen on your network. This would be a separateagreement that is not on the standard managed services agreement and must be requested ahead of time before any agreement is signed off on.
  • What lies outside of my service contract that you won't work on or cover?
    Usually new equipment, new software/hardware, new installs, and wiring aren’t covered. However, they can be added to any customized agreement. We also customize the agreement to fit within a budget for the year so we will pull from the budget fund.
  • How will you ensure that we are a part of our IT experience?
    We will work with you to help grow and secure your infrastructure to its highest potential while keeping you informed and educated on the newest trends and security flaws to date.
  • Can I add additional security layers on top of the managed services?
    Yes, we have partnerships with top security companies with many different offerings on the latest securities and protection.
  • Will you work with my other vendors (camera’s, Internet service, quickbooks, health aids, etc)?"
    We will work with all of your vendors to help resolve any problems you may be experiencing and make sure anything they want to install on your network works seamlessly within your business.
  • How often is the contract renewed?
    Most agreements are set for 3 years and will auto-renew for 1 year if both parties agree. We also offer 1 year agreements, month-to-month and blocks of hours.
  • Are you willing to work within our budget?
    Yes, we will give you a wide variety of solutions to meet your budget.
  • Do you charge for onsite visits on a managed service agreement?
    Managed Services Agreements often do include onsite visits depending on the contract itself. We like to have at least a monthly onsite visit built into a contract, while others choose to pay for weekly or daily visits if needed.
  • Is there a cause for termination clause in your service agreements?
    Yes. We offer a standard clause but can work with you if you have certain requirements.
  • What's an SLA and why would I want it?
    A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a commitment between the client and service provider. This guarantees your issues are addressed and resolved in a timely manner. SLA’s can be customized from 1 hour to under 8 hours.
  • Can you tell me more about your helpdesk? Where are they located, what is coverage like?"
    The helpdesk is located in Port Jefferson, N.Y. and we offer 24/7 support. The same techs that appear onsite are the ones behind the support calls. Normal support hours are from 9am-5:30pm EST, but we are always available for after-hour problems as well.
  • Will you recommend hardware and software needed for my business?
    We will work with you to help upgrade and maintain software and hardware to maximize your business output.
  • What's included in the block of hours plan?
    A block of hours can be customized to meet the needs of the services required. Often, they include Technical Support, some type of antivirus management/installation, and if the block of hours is built around a project recently done, maintenance of the project work. This does not include any proactive services. There is no SLA with a block of hours.
  • What happens when/if my infrastructure goes down?
    GCS has monitoring and protocols in place to limit disruption. However, unforeseen events still may occur. In response to this, GCS is available 24/7 for major disruptions and will work to get your business back up and running as immediately as possible.
  • How often do you update or perform maintenance on the infrastructure? Will it result in downtime?
    Infrastructure updates are typically checked weekly. There is a resulting downtime involved but we always make it a point to schedule this downtime during off-peak hours and will work with you on a schedule.
  • Why should I buy from you and not from your competitor?
    One word, availability. When you call Global, you are speaking to a tech and working to resolve your problem. We pride ourselves on being available to you at all times. Aside from around the clock availability, we here at Global devote ourselves to hiring the best employees who have a dedication to improve as techs. Our staff constantly educates and trains to stay one step ahead of the game in this ever changing tech world we live in. Our Techs are knowledgeable, professional are friendly.
  • Is this a public, private or family-owned business?"
    We are a privately owned business.
  • How long has the company been in business?
    25 years!
  • Does Global understand IT security and compliances?
    Yes, many of our clients are required to meet certain compliances, such as HIPPA, NYDFS 500 and the Shield Act. Everything we design we always keep security in mind.
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