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Work Desk

Help desk support

Working from Home
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      Technical Helpdesk Support Agreements
     Best for small and medium size businesses
Our Helpdesk Services are designed in getting your users working ASAP. Our highly trained support technicians are available 24/7/365 with your fix to get you back to work.   
24x7 Helpdesk

24x7 help desk

Your company can increase its sales if you have an extraordinary technical support team. You can feel good knowing that we are always here for you. Whether you are going to work early or staying late, you get the right support you need to fix any problems you may be having. Global Computer Systems' support desk can handle any issue that you may have at any time. 

Backup Administration

backup administration

An essential part of a backup and recovery strategy is managing the backups after they are created. We take backup management very seriously considering all the viruses and hackers that are out there looking to steal your data and ransom it back to you.

We do it the way it should be done: Verify a passed backup daily, create local backup accounts, always have a secondary backup offsite and most important validate restores monthly. Validating a restore is part of our management process and essential to your success.

Issue Escalations
Anti-virus Management

issue escalations

We don’t believe in band-aids, we provide solutions.

Not every technician is going to have the answer every time, which is why we have an issue escalation procedure so you can get your problem solved as quickly as possible. If after a few minutes troubleshooting a problem, we come to see that your problem is a bit different than the normal problems we encounter, a problem that is not supposed to be a problem, we would fix your issue but where we are different is that we now escalated that problem to the Technical support supervisor without you even knowing. The supervisor will then gather all the info, talk with the team and come up with a solution to be able to provide for the client. We would then schedule that client for a time we can take over the machine and roll out the proven solution.

anti-virus management

Anti-virus and Anti-malware products protect a device from malicious attacks and hackers. A good anti-virus is a beneficial investment that could prevent you from downloading a Trojan horse, protects against bots that take over control of a computer and helps detect spyware that allows criminals to gain access to your information. It’s the endpoint and the user that can do so much damage to a business.


At Global Computer Systems, we have the support team that will regularly check your centralized anti-virus console with a birds-eye view for issues and problems regularly so you have a well-running anti-virus product. It must work well to primarily protect those endpoints and users from viruses, malware, spyware, adware and rootkits.

Event Management

event management

Monitoring your Infrastructure is key to providing a proactive service to you and your business. We have an event management system where it allows for normal operation where all alerts we have flagged will either self-heal by our known fixes or create a support ticket that we will need to do more work on. This is critical to have in place for a proactive service to be truly proactive. 

Patch Management

patch management

The most critical and obvious benefit of patch management is the heightened network security you get from making sure patches are applied. Applying a patch as quickly as possible lessens the risk of your business becoming affected by the vulnerability the patch is needed for. What we do for patch management varies based on the device or component.

Desktops: We install our managed agents, set up a patch schedule with management and deploy patches every
      month or as needed.
Servers: We install our managed agents, set up a patch schedule with management, schedule downtime on the
      after-hours clock, verify a clean backup first, create a snapshot, manually patch all servers, reboot, recheck,
      confirm the server is working, delete snapshot.

Network devices: We keep an Asset Management list for your business, recap it monthly to see if the devices you 
      own have a vulnerability and we will schedule a patch upgrade.

Log Reviews

log reviews

Monitoring and reviewing logs are critical in trying to find what exactly happened. There are some things that can’t be answered until the logs are read. Strange power issues, lose internet access randomly, random slowness on the network at certain times, etc. Let’s put a logging system in place if you don’t have one already and the Support team will verify that it is collecting the logs correctly and review them monthly. 

Asset Management

asset management

All I.T. assets across your business would be part of the responsibility of support, but it is also crucial to your
business in making these assets part of the strategic and calculated decision making for the future. We continually update the inventory to provide your business with a clean sheet of all your I.T. devices and computers.

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