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Who is a target for ransomware? Are you?

You’re at your desk, feet up, thinking about taking a vacation. Somewhere tropical…..UH MR. JOHNSON HELP!!!!….MY COMPUTER JUST STARTED TELLING ME TO CLICK on a link and I clicked on a link and now I’m locked out. There’s some weird instructions how to pay, to get back in. MR. JOHNSON, NOW NO ONE CAN GET TO THEIR FILES. MY SISTER SENT THE EMAIL I CLICKED ON, IT’S NOT MY FAULT.

This is going to be a bad day. (Mr. Johnson glances at cocktail in his imaginary vacay.)

Attackers choose their targets for different reasons. Sometimes it’s just opportunity. If an organization has a small amount of security, makes it easier to penetrate their defenses. Users that share files are targets.

But mostly cyber criminals want a fast turn around for the most money they can extort. They go after organizations like medical or high finance, that needs immediate access to their data. They attack law firms with sensitive data, knowing they can get a big payday with leakware that the firm will not want in the news.

Their goal in 90% of the cases is to extort money from you in exchange for a key to unencrypt your data.

How do you know if you’re a target?

In sports the best defense is a great offense or is it the other way around……………. I digress (My boss is going to remove the sports analogy)

Seriously, In CyberSecurity the best defense is a Great Defense. An attacker will find a way on to your network, infect you with a virus and in minutes your entire network will be encrypted. While you are calling IT support, it’s too late. If you don’t already have some things in place, all of your next decisions will be costly of time and money.

If I get enough likes on this blog, I’ll write another one and give you some tips on making your environment much safer.

If you want to set up a consult about Cyber Security and a real answer on how safe or unsafe you are, feel free to reach out.

Thanks for reading,

Becky(remember with likes I can keep blogging)

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